Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Jingles S and P block

From now on I'll be posting all new jingles/memory aids as well as those which are not part of second edition of the book.please post your comments ,suggestions and new jingles to me.
S block
Alkaline earth metals

Be Mg Ca Sr Ba Ra
बेटा मांगे कन्या सुंदर बाप राजी
P block
group 14

C Si Ge Sn Pb
कैसी ग्रीष्म (की) सुंदर प्रभात
कार्तिक शिव गणेश संग पार्वती

group 15

N P As Sb Bi
National pemit as Sb - Bi
नहीं परोसे ऐसी सब्जी भिन्डी की
Group 16

O S Se Te Po
Old solders seems terribly polluted
Group 17(Halogens)

F Cl Br I At
Frank cleverly brought Indian attire

More jingles will be posted soon ,Second edition of

"Memory Aids for Chemistry"
Will be in market soon.Keep commenting.
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  1. hey!! that's's really useful fr me 2 remembring s & p block